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Estudantes em NSW, votem no link abaixo!!!

Dear all,

Please find below details of a petition to NSW state parliament, which will enable international student get concession cards for public transport, as domestic students.

If you want to support this petition, please go to and leave your details.

To: NSW State Parliament

We, the undersigned, find the discrimination by the NSW State Government deplorable. We demand that the Transport Administration Act (1988) be changed immediately to allow international students to access public transport in NSW at the same rate as domestic students.

We find the discrimination practised by the State Government of NSW to be exploitative in the extreme. International students contribute millions of dollars annually to the NSW economy through high tuition fees, high taxation rates, and high transport fares. The NSW Government must stop double-dipping into the pockets of international students!

We will deliver this petition into the hands of the NSW parliament on Wednesday 2nd September 2009, with a rally beginning at 1 pm in the UTS Tower Building forecourt and marching to NSW State Parliament House.

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